Optimize your fleet with Logision Route

Free solution for your delivery and sales route planning needs

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Advance your logistics

Work faster

Plan all your routes faster making several clicks. Now you can accept even the latest orders or make changes to already planned routes and be sure that the route are optimal.

Serve better

Deliver first class service. Plan optimal routes taking to account all your customer requirements and warn your clients if unexpected delays occurred.

Save more

Cut your company transportation costs. Optimal routes make your fleet and staff work more effectively. Now your company can do more with less costs.

Control everything

Analyse your transport logistics like never before. Compare results and efficiency of your vehicles and branches. See and create reports in the application or at logision.com.

Integrate Logision as an expert

Use our simple integration tool to connect Logision services to your database. Choose your data format and structure and enjoy automatic dat importing and exporting. Now all information is safely stored and seamlessly synchronized.

Plan ideal routes

Use auto-planning

Let Logision TMS use it's logic and save your time. All your customer requirements, vehicle parameters and road map are taken into consideration. In a moment you will get ideal routes.

Smooth transition

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