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Free software solution for your business

Logision offers free version for all our business software. It will always be free. If you need more power you can always switch to paid version.

Logision offers free software for business

One account for all Logision services

Create one account and access all products and services. You will be able to use not only currently available software, but also all our future products including free versions.

One Logision account gives access to all services

Constantly growing number of services

We are constantly working on new business software aiming to offer a comprehensive solution for your business. Find our new products and services.

New software for business from Logision

Dedicated database for business software

We developed a new powerfull database that is specifically tailored for high demanding business needs. It is reliable, fast and scalable so that you can seamlessly increase usage and grow your business with Logision software.

Logision dedicated database for business software

Knowledge Base for your business

Read guides, articles, tips and reviews to make the right decision and to optimize your business. We regularly add new materials to keep you up to date with new trends and developments.

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