Tips to increase ecommerce sales in online shop

Tips to increase ecommerce sales

Find out how you can improve your online shop conversion rate

  1. Choose the right ecommerce platform
  2. If you are on the early stage of organizing your ecommerce sales, you need to think twice before choosing an ecommerce platform for your business.

    Even if you already have a platform you should analyze available platforms from time to time. Maybe you will find out that some platform can give you more benefits than your current platform and the costs of migration will not be too high.

    Check if the considered system has all features that good ecommerce platform should have. Take a look at the rest of the tips to get a better understanding of what to be looking at when choosing an ecommerce platform.

  3. Improve product pages
  4. The first thing you should check is your products description. You will be surprised how your ecommerce sales can grow if you pay more attention to what your customers see on the product pages.

    Use high quality images and professional photos of your products. Even sales of basic and simple products, such as nails, highly depend on the quality of the images. We all like to buy products that look good.

    Get rid of all boring copy at your online shop. Hire a professional writer if you feel that you are not an expert in this area. Highlight the top benefits of each product. Use bullet points, infographics and other elements that may help your customers to understand the key features and benefits of your products.

  5. Add video
  6. This feature has already become a must-have for many top ecommerce websites.

    The main obstacle stopping customers from ordering online is that it is hard to assess products without touching them and seeing how they work. You should do whatever you can to handle this issue and adding videos to your product pages is one of the best ways to do it.

    Creating a good product video can take a lot of time and resources comparing to taking photos of your products.

    Therefore, you should start with making videos for several of your best-selling products. If you see that the videos work good and sales of these products go up, you can make videos for the rest of your products.

  7. Cross-sell and Upsell
  8. Often you can increase sales in ecommerce simply by suggesting your clients to buy complementary products or to choose more expensive products. These two techniques are very powerful and they are called cross-selling and upselling.

    Cross-selling means selling additional and complementary products to the products that your customer placed to the shopping cart. For example, if your customer is going to buy a cell phone it will be wise to offer a case and a charging accessory for this phone. Read more about cross-selling tips and tricks here.

    Upselling is a sales technique where a seller tries to sell more enhanced and expensive products than the product that the customer initially decided to buy. For example, if your customer decided to buy a basic cell phone you may offer a more expensive version of this phone. Read more about upselling tips and tricks here.

    It is very easy to organize cross-selling and upselling if you have a decent ecommerce platform. Simply link your products and the system will automatically show relevant offers and your ecommerce sales will be 5%-10% higher.

  9. Show reviews
  10. The truth is that customers trust other customers’ opinion much more than they trust your recommendations. Even if you have just several reviews, showing them will be better than nothing.

    Ask customers who already bought your product to write a short review and to assess the products. This can be done automatically if your ecommerce platform has this feature. Check the reviews, because you don’t want to post reviews that are irrelevant or use bad language.

    You should not delete bad reviews. Sometimes it is good to have some neutral or bad reviews, because your customers may become suspicious if they read only good reviews on every page of your website.

    First of all, you should think about why this person is not fully satisfied and try to improve the opinion.

    It will be very good if you answer to all bad reviews right in the reviews section and try to deal with the issues. You will get a satisfied client that may become a recurring client in the future and all other customers will see that you care about them.

    However, it may be not good if your top reviews are bad. This means that new customers will see the bad reviews before they see good reviews. You can solve this issue if you apply a default sort the reviews by mark.

  11. Describe key benefits of your company
  12. Don’t rely on that your ecommerce visitors will figure out why they should shop at your website and not at your competitors’ websites.

    Make sure that your home page has a section where customers can read the key benefits of shopping at your website. For example, you can write about extended warranty, free return policy, high quality, long history, lowest prices etc.

    If visitors of your ecommerce website cannot understand the key benefits of your company they will not be sure if they are at the right shop for their needs. Don’t lose your customers on your home page.

  13. Promise the lowest price
  14. This is a great sales trick and it may significantly increase your customers’ confidence and sales of your company.

    First of all, your prices should be around the lowest prices at the market. Second, you should decide on what you promise and create a short policy. Then, you can promote and state that you promise that you offer the lowest prices.

    This technique works surprisingly good and customers rarely check if they can find the same products sold for lower prices. Most of your customers will become confident in their choice and will buy products from you.

  15. Trust badges
  16. Give your visitors even more confidence in that they are making the right decision by adding trust and secure badges. People really pay attention to such elements on ecommerce websites.

    Often customers don’t know what each badge mean and who awarded the website with it, but they become more confident in that your company is not a scum and that their payment will be secure.

  17. Risk-free shopping message
  18. You should create and promote your risk-free shopping statement. For example, your risk-free shopping statement may include policy of free return during 30 days after purchase, money back guarantee, lowest price guarantee etc.

    Add this statement on every page that your customers see. While you may place a full copy message on the homepage, you may reduce the copy and hide the rest of the message into a spoiler on the rest of the pages.

    However, it will be good if you place the message closer to the key buttons, like ‘Add to cart’ and ’Buy now’ buttons.

  19. Free returns
  20. Let your customers to return your products for free, or almost free. Usually just a small part of customers return products, but knowing that you will accept returns, customers become more confident in their decision to buy your products.

    If the delivery costs are high you may decide to accept returns only if you don’t have to pay for the delivery.

    Add this point to your risk-free shopping message so that your clients could notice it and the conversion rate and sales will go up.

  21. Add more payment gateways
  22. It is very important to make right decision in choosing payment gateways for your ecommerce platform. You should think about your target market and the payment methods that your customers use.

    Also, analyze how much time and resources it will take to setup and maintain each of the payment methods and how expensive it will be for your company.

    Do not limit your customers with offering them only one payment gateway. The more payment methods will be available to your customers, the more sales you will get.

  23. Good SEO
  24. Each page of your ecommerce platform is a web page and you can try to bring visitors to it not only from the other pages of your website, but also from search engines.

    You should start with finding the right keyword phrases. Think about how people will most probably search for your products. What search phrases will they use?

    Create a list of such keywords and check the search volume and the level of competition for each of them. Choose several phrases that have enough search volume and are the most appropriate for your business.

    Then, you need to do some search engine optimization on each page of your online shop. Include the chosen keywords into the copy paying more attention to the headers and page title.

    Also, add the keywords to the names of the product images. If your ecommerce platform allows you to modify the URLs of the pages, use this opportunity and integrate the keywords there as well.

    Connect your ecommerce to a website traffic analytics software, like Google Analytics, and wait. Usually it takes several months before you get first results, but this worth it.

  25. Give delivery estimate and tracking number
  26. If it is possible offer several shipping methods and show approximate delivery time for each of them. Customers will feel more control over the order and will be able to decide which option is better in their case. You will not lose customers simply because they don’t know when the order will be delivered.

    Also, you should share the tracking numbers that you get from the shipping companies with your customers. It is much easier to wait and make plans if you see the progress of your delivery.

    These two techniques have big impact on the customer's’ satisfaction and your ecommerce sales will increase from your recurring clients first of all.

  27. Newsletters
  28. You will be surprised how many sales you can get from sending newsletters. This will definitely increase your customers’ retention and increase the number of new customers.

    It is wise to decide on the format and layout of the first newsletters and to use it as a template for all the future newsletters. Show all new product offerings, discounts and promotions there. Also, make sure that the newsletters are easy to share through social networks, email and other medias.

    You should continually collect your visitors and customers email addresses and send your newsletters once a week.

  29. Deal with abandoned carts
  30. Use your analytics tool to analyze how many customers quit your ecommerce platform at the checkout step. If you find a way to retain your customers and to make them buy everything they have in their shopping cart, you will significantly increase your ecommerce sales.

    On a decent ecommerce platform you can setup a plugin that warns your customers when they are going to leave your website having products in the shopping carts.

    Also, you can save the products from the shopping cart in a cookie file and restore the products when the visitor returns to your website.

    If your customer was logged in and left your online shop with products in the cart, you can send a reminder about the unfinished shopping after some time. It is a good idea to inform about all your promotions and discounts there as well.

  31. Best-selling or best value section
  32. Create a separate section for your best-selling products and products with the best value. People like to buy products that will give them the most value and other customers opinion can help them to find the best value. The logic behind this is that if most customers choose some particular products why should I choose to risk and buy another product.

    Alternatively, or additionally to this section you can create hot products and coming soon products sections. In the first one you can place products that became more popular during the last few days. Actually, you can cheat a little bit and promote some products that you would like to become popular in this section.

    In the second one you can place products that will be available soon. It will be good if you use some other tricks like wish list and share products to make this section increase your online sales. In this case, you can start selling your products even before the real sale begins.

    You can be sure that this trick will bring you a lot of sales, so be sure that you have enough stocks of the promoted products.

  33. Wish list
  34. Allow your customers to create a wishlist of the products they would like to have. This technique can help you to increase sales of your online shop in two ways.

    First, it will work like a long-term cart where your client will keep products that they are not going to buy right now, but they are going to buy them in some time. If they add such products to the wish list they will not forget about their intent and they will not need to search for this product in your or your competitors’ online shops.

    Second, the products may be bought as a gift if your customers share their wish lists with their friends and relatives. They will choose your products because they will not need to puzzle over what to buy.

  35. Show size of the discount
  36. Sale and discounts can be the main triggers for some people in their buying decisions. If your customers see that there is a big discount on the chosen products and that the price was much higher, they will be much more likely to buy the products in order to grab this promotion.

    To make this technique work even better, make your regular prices a little bit higher and sell with a higher discount. Price is one of the most important factors of how customers perceive value of the products.

  37. Recently viewed items
  38. Sometimes customers find products they were looking for, but they are not sure that there are no better alternatives. In this case, they continue browsing your online shop in hope to find a better variant and they may lose the first product.

    If they don’t find a better alternative, they may want to return to that product and buy it. Your task is helping them to do it easily and without frustration, because if they don’t find it you will lose the opportunity to sell it.

    Create a section with recently viewed products where your customers will be able to find the products they saw recently and to return to them. This is very important if you deal with an unregistered customer.

    With this trick, you will be able to restore the recently viewed items using cookies even if the customer return to your online shop after a while.

    More importantly, this is a very handy tool and it will increase the loyalty of your customers and online sales to recurring clients.

  39. Have a FAQ page and online chat
  40. It is so often when we browse an online shop and have questions about some products and services. If customers don’t find answers to their questions they may decide to postpone their purchase or not to buy these products at all.

    To avoid that you need to give answers using a frequently asked questions page and a contact us page. By doing this you can be sure that your customers will get general information at any time of the day at the FAQ page and they will be able to ask more specific questions at the contact us page.

    If it is possible, create an online chat and give answers right away. If your customers need to wait for your answers for too long, they may leave your website and go to your competitors.

  41. Optimize your store international sales
  42. You can get even more sales if you feel that you have already saturated your country market and you can start selling internationally.

    First of all, you need to set up such basic things like adding new languages to your online shop, organizing international delivery and dealing with different tax calculations. Make sure that visitors from other countries are transferred to a localized page and that they can easily switch the language at any moment.

    Besides that, you need to make some design changes and cultural training. Your online shop must a feel of a global website and your customers should notice on your home page that you sell internationally.

    Also, you should be aware of cultural differences and try to treat each customer individually. It will be perfect if you get to your team some people from your target countries.

  43. Add social media buttons
  44. Using social medias is very important for increasing online sales, because this became a natural environment for most of your customers. It is not a surprise that their buying decisions depend on what they see and experience in social medias.

    Encourage your customers to share products from your online shop before, during and after the purchase. Add share buttons to the product pages, wish lists, newsletters, promotions, seasonal sales etc. and you will get much more sales generated by your existing customers.

  45. Rate page
  46. You can make your life much easier if you ask the visitors of your online shop about what they think about it. To do this you can simply add a small plug-in asking the visitors to rate the page. Allow your clients to specify what they do and don’t like on each page.

    Collect and analyze this precious information. It is so easy to forget something that is needed and this tool will help you to create great pages consistently.

  47. Seasonal sales banner
  48. It is recommended to create a set of seasonal themed banners that you can use to promote corresponding products. You can do it before holidays or in the beginning of each season or before holidays.

    For example, if you have a sport shop you can promote ski and snowboarding equipment before each snow season and goods for cycling in spring time.

    This is a great trick to increase sales of your online shop and to stand out with some seasonal flair.

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