Control and optimize your maintenance operations with Logision Maintain

Agile computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for free

CMMS Logision Maintain

What is CMMS?

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is system for managing and controlling all maintenance and repair operations.

With CMMS you can be sure that your equipment will last longer with high reliability, because it knows which equipment, when and how should be serviced and inspected.

CMMS should be used by every company and big households.

Main benefits of using CMMS Logision Maintain

Schedule maintenance

Schedule preventative maintenance operations and inspections based on the date, mileage or hours. You will be notified in advance about what, when and where needs to be done.

Manage work orders

Create work orders and assign the most competent employees or vendors to make the maintenance. The assignee will be notified and will get all details about the order inside CMMS Logision Maintain.

Manage spare parts and materials

With CMMS Logision Maintain you can see all spare parts and materials that will be needed for the scheduled maintenance operations and purchase lacking inventory beforehand.

Eliminate paperwork

Keep all information at a distance of one click. Store all details about the equipment, procedures, spare parts, maintenance and work orders in our CMMS system.

Enhance productivity

Move all communications about maintenance and repair operations to CMMS Logision Maintain. Less calls, emails and copy-pastes means more work done.

Reduce downtime

With our CMMS you will be able to organize your maintenance and repair operations much better and to perform them faster and with less disturbance for the rest of your company.

Reduce repair costs

With CMMS Logision Maintain you can be sure that your equipment will require less repairs and you will be able to reduce the repair costs.

Increase safety

CMMS adds a list of safety instructions to each work order and your maintenance team will not forget keeping in mind safety.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Issue reports and prove that all maintenance operations were performed on time and that they met all regulatory requirements.

Eliminate lost work orders

All work orders are saved in CMMS Logision Maintain and you can be sure that none of them will be lost.

Analyze real costs of equipment

CMMS automatically tracks all costs associated with each piece of equipment including costs of labour, materials, spare parts and downtime.

Asset management

Control and share the location of your equipment and your maintenance teams will easily find where and what needs to be serviced.

Integrate Logision Maintain as an expert

Download Logision Maintain and use the integration tool to connect it to your database. Choose your data format and structure and enjoy automatic import and export. Now all information about work orders and maintenance schedule is seamlessly synchronized.

Access anywhere

Logision Maintain is cloud based and you can access it on any device wherever you are. No need to think about where to install the software and how to update it. Your data is safe and will always be available for you.

Analyze and compare

Use numerous tools for analysis and reporting. Access all important information online at and share it with others. Analyze the performance of your equipment and staff across branches and make strategic decisions about your maintenance operations with Logision Maintain.

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Who can use CMMS Logision Maintain?

Our system can be used by every company and every individual. If you have equipment that needs regular maintenance you will definitely benefit from using CMMS Logision Maintain. One of the main factors for choosing our system is that we offer a free basic version and you can use it without any time limitations. Also, keep in mind that our CMMS is offered as software-as-a-service system and you don't need to install or update anything. All you need is creating a free Logision account and start using our services.

CMMS for fleet

CMMS Logision Maintain provides an ultimate set of tools and instruments for managing maintenance operation for fleets of all sizes. With our system you can control oil and filter changes, fuel consumption and spare parts condition. Based on the condition of each vehicle you can better plan your maintenance operations and choose the most appropriate vehicle for each task.

CMMS for manufacturing

In the manufacturing plants the whole production process often depends on many pieces of equipment. If one of them break down the whole process will stop. That's why it is critically important to service, inspect and repair all your equipment on time and with minimum disturbance of the rest of your company and CMMS Logision Maintain can do it for you.

CMMS for facilities

All buildings require maintenance, especially the big ones. CMMS can help you to remember about all the systems and structures that should be serviced and to organize regular inspections. Also, you can store all safety instructions and drafts in the system and have an instant access to them when needed.

CMMS for households

All households and individuals possess some equipment or things that should be serviced. You need to service your bicycle, car, roof, pool, house and other staff. If you use our CMMS you will never forget to do the needed maintenance operations and your equipment will always work as it is supposed to.